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Awakening Pathways to Health
Coaching That Fits Your Schedule!

Certified Health Coaching is here to assist you to make and keep healthy, productive and positive changes that enhance personal strengths, skills, resources, and new habits. 


Coaching provides an objective perspective and a multitude of techniques to gain clarity and to achieve goals at an advanced pace. 

Investing in online video coaching from a highly educated and experienced Certified Health Coach will truly make a difference in your life. Coach Sharon has her Master's Degree in Personal and Organizational Development, seven years of direct counseling and 24 years of coaching experience. The ultimate goal of our coaching journey is to create a solid foundation in which to create a new healthy partnership with your body, mind and your desired health goals.

How does Health Coaching work?

It utilizes Certified Life Coach techniques, such as:


Coaching for Success: Unlock Your Potential

  • Personal assessment tools

  • Identifying values and strengths 

  • Goal development and goal setting


Advanced Problem Solving

  • ​Creative problem solving

  • Conflict resolution of internal processes and external conflicts

  • Guided mental imagery 


Empowerment: Take Control of Your Future

  • Incorporating different learning styles

  • Ownership and empowerment of agents of change and actions

While emphasizing health education and functional health improvements for health challenges that range from, but not limited to:


Feel your best - Embrace your  health

  • Weight loss

  • Diabetes / balanced blood sugar

  • Heart health

  • Food / nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Body image

  • Digestive issues


Discover Your Path to Wellness

  • Sleep

  • Hormones

  • Acute and chronic pain / conditions

  • Inflammation

  • Stress

  • Cold and flu season


Harnessing the Power of the Brain-Gut Axis

  • Food additives awareness

  • Food allergies / sensitivities

  • Brain fog / energy

  • Brain-gut axis 

  • Emotional eating

  • Addressing self-sabotage and the susceptibility of relapse

Certified Health Coaching

Health Coaching is easily done via Zoom or over the phone, for individuals, groups and classes, all with support via email and text.

Coaching is an interactive process that helps people develop more rapidly and produce more satisfying results. As a result of coaching, clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths.   


During each 50 minute session, I will help you define and gain clarity of your goals, identify barriers, discover intrinsic motivators, and set steps and time frames to achieve your goals. We'll also find support and accountability for you and your goals. 


People are naturally creative and resourceful and my job as your Personal Certified Health Coach is to provide support to enhance your skills, resources, and creativity that you already have. I will provide feedback and an objective perspective, you are responsible for taking the steps to produce the results you desire. Coaching does not focus directly on relieving psychological pain or treating cognitive or emotional disorders.


Chances are you will be more motivated to achieve your goals, if you consider, not just the goals themselves, but something larger than achieving these goals.


What is this something larger? It is a deeper sense of who you are, your True Self, your true purpose. The ultimate reward of accomplishing your specific goals is getting in touch with this deeper sense of who you are as an individual. 


To schedule an no risk, no obligation chat about Coaching, simply click here. The first step is a free 15-minute consultation over the phone so we can get know each at bit. Let's explore this question together: "If you could do anything, what is the number one thing you would work on?" During this consultation, we'll look for what's missing, some direction to take, and some accountability. If you feel that health coaching is the right next step for you, we'll schedule our first session. At the end of the first session we'll both have a better understanding of a coaching timeline that will work best for you. Typically six sessions is about right, On average, it takes 60 days to form a new habit and 6 months for a habit to feel automatic.

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